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Educational Innovation for Sustainable Development


著者名: 国立教育政策研究所 国際研究・協力部
発行日: 2004.12
分類: 紀要・活動報告・研究報告等

種類: 書籍
対象年齢: 大学生/一般向け

: 日本 ; ページ: 50 ;

登録日: 2006/10/5
機関名: 国立教育政策研究所
担当部署: 国際研究・協力部
住所: 東京都目黒区下目黒6丁目5番22号
E-mail: kokusai◎nier.go.jp (◎の部分を@に変更してメールして下さい)
ホームページ: http://www.nier.go.jp


Foreword 1                              
Executive Summary 2                             CChapterI:Introduction 5
ChapterII:Setting the Direction of the Seminar:Summary of
Three Papers 9
ChapterIII:Policies and Strategies in Promoting ESD:
Curriculum and Teacher Education Programmes 19
ChapterIV:Best Practices and Research in Promoting ESD 26
ChapterV:Policy Issues and Straregies of Educational Innovation
for ESD 33
ChapterVl:Strategies for Partnership and Networking within
the APEID Framework 46
ChapterVll:General Recommendations and Suggested Actions
for APEID as its Contribution to the Decade of ESD 49
Annex1.List of Participants(CD−ROM) 51
Annex2.Summary of Country Reports(CD−ROM) 60
AnneX3.Setting the Directions of the Seminar(CD-ROM) 80

  Paper1:A Japanese Proposal to the UNESCO lnternational Scheme ontheDecade
  of ESD,lmplication for Asia and Pacific

  Paper2:A Broad Vision of ESD and the PotentiaI Roles of APEID in ESD in
Asia and the Pacific Region

  Paper3:From Environment Education(EE)to Education for Sustainable
   Development(ESD)ln Asia−Pacific;the APEID Netork,Making a Difference

  The Roles of the Asian lnstitute of Technology in Promoting Education for
Sustainable Development in theGreater Mekong Sub region

  Community Learning Centres(CLC)for ESD
  Towards the Implementation of DESD in the Asia−Pacific Region and  the RegionaI Frameworkfor IESD

 A.  ACCU’s ESD activities in theAsia−Pacific Region


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